Our Squads

Our Club proudly caters for swimmers of all abilities, with all different sorts of goals. Our Coaches have the skills to be able to take a swimmer from the Transition Squad all the way to competitive success in the Senior Squad. It's a long journey, but a journey we think is really worth taking.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

  • Transition SquadThe Transition Squad is aimed at providing a supportive and encouraging transition for swimmers from Learn to Swim to Squad swimming. Coached by Carla, the swimmers quickly learn that competitive swimming is a sport strong on the "team" ethos.

    At each session, there are activities to help everyone to get to know each other and practice being supportive teammates. We focus closely on the foundation of each stroke's technique, as well as spending a lot of time learning about our bodies and breathing patterns in the water. For some of our swimmers, this is where they begin to learn aspects of the more technical strokes, Breaststroke and Butterfly, for the first time.

    Swimming can take a lot of brain energy as well as a lot of body energy. At the end of each session we talk about what was challenging, what was fun, what we learned, as well as doing a bit of brain gym to practice over the week.

  • Junior Squad The Junior Squad provides an introduction to competitive swimming and further develops on technique learned within the Transition Squad or other swim school squads. Our sessions focus on improving technique and developing race craft skills including turns, starts, and dives.

    Swimmers learn the foundations of squad swimming increasing their fitness and stroke development across freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

    For some of our swimmers, this will be their first experience with competitive swimming in a club environment. Our coaches and swimming community work with swimmers and care givers to provide guidance and advice on healthy competition with a focus on achieving personal best performances over race places.

  • Intermediate Squad The Intermediate Squad builds on the foundations of fitness and technical skills learned in our Junior Squad.

    Our sessions focus on building endurance across all strokes where swimmers have an opportunity to explore competition through active participation in time trials and encouragement to participate in local and district meets

    with support from our coaching team. Swimmers and care givers are given the support, tools, knowledge on how to be a competitive swimmer within a supportive club environment.

  • Senior Squad Swimmers in the Senior Squad represents the peak of fitness and technique within our club.

    Our coaching team works with swimmers to identify their competitive and fitness goals and tailor a program to guide them to realise success. Swimmers learn to critically analyse their technique, body position and race craft to achieve results in a competitive setting.

    Swimmers in the Senior program are seasoned competitors within the club and take a leadership role to guide and mentor our Junior and Intermediate swimmers at meets.

  • Masters Squad The Masters Squad is open to mature swimmers with a passion for fitness and stroke development. The program runs within the Senior Squad program. At each session, our coaching team actively works with swimmers to tailor or modify the sessions to meet their individual fitness and ability goals.

    If you are looking to develop and improve your stroke, try something new, or get back into the pool after a break then the Masters may be for you.