Our Philosophy

Train and Compete, Learn and Grow

We're a competitive swimming club. But, for us, training and competing is only half of what we're about. We believe that through a commitment to competitive swimming we can help your child develop many other personal qualities that will serve them well in their community and in life... and they'll learn to swim fast, get super-fit, have fun and make good friends in the process.


We're here for all your family. We want the whole of your family to enjoy the benefits of being a part of our Club. We welcome every contribution you can make at any level. No matter how small it may seem, it's the accumulation of all the small things that make the Club great!


We've been an important part of the Bendigo and Eaglehawk communities - since 1917. And we're just as involved today. Our Club thrives because of the great support we get from our local community and our children grow because of that. They'll learn what it means to give and receive support so that everyone can win.